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Learning Interests
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Diet Approaches - 9/22/20
Bullet Journaling - 2/4/20
Healthy Aging - 6/8/20
Calisthenics: No Gym required - 1/23/20
Perfectionism - 2/7/20
Mental Wellbeing - 2/10/20
Making it Stick - 1/28/20
Mindful Eating - 2/13/20
Tips on Parenting Adolescents - 4/29/20
Flourish - 2/18/20
Self-Compassion - 2/25/20
Resilient Caregiving and Leadership - 1/21/20
OYM - 1/20-2/10 - 12:30pm
OYM - 1/20-2/10 - 3:30pm
Self Care - 1/21-2/11 - 7:30
Understanding our Personality through the Enneagram - 1/30/20
Growing in Self-Compassion - 9/24/20
OYM - 2/26-3/18 - 4pm
Boundaries - 3/2-3/23 - 4pm
Living Intentionally Through Three Gifts - 2/27/20
When a Calorie Isn't Just a Calorie - 3/4/20
Life After Work - 3/9/20
Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Nutrition - 3/12/20
Success - 3/13-3/27 - 7:30am
Signature Strengths - 3/17/20
More than a Job: Vocation and our Relationship Work - 3/24/20
Purpose - 3/23-4/6 - noon
Purpose - 3/23-4/6 - 3:30p
Sleep - 3/24/20
OYM - 3/24-4/7 - 1pm
Growing in Self-Compassion - 3/26/20
The Power of Positivity - 3/26/20
Creativity - 3/27/20
Life Purpose - 4/6-4/20 - 8am
Finding Joy in Movement - 4/7/20
Stress Management Tools - 4/9/20
Myth Busters - 4/13/20
Diet Approaches - 4/15/20
Healthy Boundaries - 4/20/20
Life Purpose - 4/28-5/12 - 12pm
Anxiety - 5/5/20
Time Management Strategies - 4/21/20
Boundaries - 5/5-5/19 - 330pm
Boundaries - 4/27-5/11
Demystifying Menopause - 5/11/20
Caregivers of Tobacco Users - 5/14/20
Happiness Boosters - 5/19/20
How to Stay Fit When You Sit - 5/26/20
Declutter Your Brain - 6/2/20
More than a Job: Vocation and our Relationship Work - 5/28/20
Creating Joy Through Humor and Laughter - 6/12/20
Intro to Mindfulness - 6/23/20
Life Balance - 6/24/20
Redeeming Conflict - 6/25/20
Resilient Caregiving and Leadership - 7/23/20
Living Intentionally Through Three Gifts - 8/20/20
Understanding our Personality through the Enneagram - 8/27/20
Redeeming Conflict - 12/3/20
OYM - 6/23-7/7 - 3pm
Setting Yourself up for Success - 6/11-6/25 - 8:30am
Self Care - 3/3-3/24 - 3pm
Setting Yourself up for Success - 1/30-2/20 - 10am
OYM - 2/3-2/24 - 8am
OYM - 2/26-3/18 - 11am
Setting Yourself up for Success - 1/30-2/20 - 1:30pm
OYM - 2/3-2/24 - 4pm
Boundaries - 2/24-3/16 - 9am
Self Care - 3/3-3/24 - noon
Boundaries - 3/19-4/9 - 8am
Forgiving me. Forgiving you. 5/18/20
Boundaries - 3/2-3/23 - 8am
Boundaries - 3/19-4/9 - 11am
Forgiving me. Forgiving you. 10/19/20
Relevant, Life-Giving, Sustainable Self-Care - 2/20
Emotional Awareness - 11/16
Self Care - 4/6-4/27 - 8am
Boundaries - 4/9-4/30 - 1pm
Purpose - 4/8-4/29 - 8am
Boundaries - 5/4-5/25 - 12:30pm
Purpose - 5/7-5/28 - 1:30
OYM - 5/6-5/27 - 8am
Emotional Awareness - 6/15
Navigating Spiritual Distress - 7/28
Navigating Spiritual Distress - 12/8
Relevant, Life-Giving, Sustainable Self-Care - 7/16
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Ian Olson
Spiritual Care
Start: Dec 08, 2020 at 01:00 pm EST
Audience: All caregivers Content: Personal Growth Spirituality and religion can offer protective factors that help individuals resiliently bounce back from life's difficulties. Spiritual pain however can be and often is a symptom of physical and psychological pain. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, shame, and depression are common to those suffering from real or perceived loss. This can occur when a person's beliefs/worldview are in conflict with what they are going through. Research suggests people with a more realistic worldview/belief system who take into account both beauty and suffering may lead lives that are more meaningful and peaceful. This course will survey research and practices that can help you navigate beliefs and ideas that may be preventing you from experiencing the richness of the spiritual self and life as a whole.
Rev. Kenneth W. Burg
Spiritual Care
Recorded: Dec 03, 2020 at 01:30 pm EST
Audience: Front line caregivers Content: Personal Growth One of my surprise learnings early in ministry was that the # 1 reason why missionaries quit is that they can't get along w/ other missionaries. Say what? Throughout my career I've observed that how we manage conflict is one of the greatest factors in determining our job satisfaction. The purpose then of this session is to learn some new perspectives on conflict: why it exists, how to stay grounded and curious when experiencing conflict, and how to find positive outcomes.
Reid Olson
Spiritual Care
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 01:30 pm EST
Audience: All Employees Content: Personal Growth What emotion are you feeling right now? We frequently are not fully aware of our emotions and how they are affecting us at any given time. Paying attention to our feelings and the place where our cognition and emotion meet can facilitate increased capacity for empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and our ability to navigate a wide variety of social situations and conflicts, including leading to a deeper understanding of what may be bothering us. In this class, we will explore emotional awareness and how it can be a deep source of resiliency and self-awareness, and how it can flow out to support others.
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Jeannie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a bachelor's degree in food and nutrition and corporate fitness from Concordia College. She is also a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches and has completed the Nutrition and Cancer Course through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Jeannie is a seasoned nutrition practitioner with knowledge and wisdom gained through a variety of career experiences who enjoys helping others make informed food choices since food is medicine and fuel. One way Jeannie shares her passion is by teaching group classes to help others improve their overall health through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle practice. Jeannie is a licensed facilitator for the Am I Hungry? - Mindful Eating program, and she also teaches Take Action Weight Management classes. Jeannie is available for BodyGem metabolism testing and individual nutrition counseling.
Kate is trained through the Wellcoaches program and is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach and a certified yoga instructor. Kate has been working in Integrative Health since 1998 when she worked at the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Kate also completed programs for holistic cancer coaching and yoga and cancer. As part of respective research studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, Kate trained hypertensive research subjects in the areas of Mindfulness and the Relaxation Response. Kate has a background in education and yoga, which she has found especially useful in dispersing health and wellness information. Kate brings to her clients a non-judgmental and authentic listening style and a belief that all have the ability to reach their wellness goals. Her specialties include personal growth, finding balance, healthy eating, and stress reduction.
Kyle has served across the Allina Spiritual Care and Pastoral Education Department since 2003, working with advanced heart failure and mental health patients in particular. He is currently the manager of the East Region and is based at United Hospital. He is a Clinical Pastoral Educator and enjoys working creatively with interns and residents as they find their way into soulful care in the complex modern healthcare setting. In addition to his spiritual care practice, Kyle is a marriage and family therapist, specializing in Internal Family Systems and other models that promote self-compassion and understanding.