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Happiness Boosters - 2/4/19
The Sitting Disease - 2/6/19
Creativity - 2/12/19
Self-Compassion - 2/14/19
Making Room for Change - 2/25/19
More than a Job - 2/28/2019
Calisthenics: No Gym Required - 3/6/19
Signature Strengths - 3/12/19
Finding Joy in Movement - 3/13/19
Healthy Aging - 2/20/19
Flourish - 3/20/19
Life Balance - 3/25/19
Living Intentionally Through Three Gifts - 3/28/19
De-Clutter Your Brain - 4/3/19
Music as Wellness - 4/10/19
Time Management Strategies - 4/16/19
Chair Yoga - 4/24/19
Understanding our Personality through the Enneagram - 4/25/19
Life After Work - 5/3/19
Guided Meditation - 5/13/19
Stretching and Flexibility - 5/8/19
Creating Joy Through Humor and Laughter - 5/14/19
Great Communication Starts Here - 4/12/19
De-Clutter Your Brain - 5/22/19
Growing in Self-Compassion - 5/23/19
Healthy Nutrition - 6/4/19
Mindful Eating - 6/11/19
Introduction to Stability Ball - 6/12/19
Guided Meditation - 6/17/19
Introduction to Mindfulness - 6/26/19
Redeeming Conflict - 6/27/19
Resilient Caregiving and Leadership - 7/25/19
More than a Job - 8/22/2019
Living Intentionally Through Three Gifts - 9/26/19
Perfectionism - 7/9/19
Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Nutrition - 7/10/19
Flourish - 7/11/19
Life After Work - 7/15/19
Life Balance - 7/22/19
Finding Joy in Movement - 8/6/19
Time Management Strategies - 8/08/19
Making it Stick - 8/16/19
Healthy Aging - 8/29/19
Self-Compassion - 8/27/19
Creativity - 9/10/19
Strength Training with Resistance Bands - 9/11/19
Happiness Boosters - 9/16/19
Guided Meditation - 9/18/19
Chair Yoga - 9/26/19
Music as Wellness - 10/01/19
Tips on Parenting Adolesence - 10/8/19
Stretching and Flexibility - 10/9/19
Creating Joy Through Humor and Laughter - 10/14/19
Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Nutrition - 10/16/19
Myth Busters - 10/17/19
Understanding our Personality through the Enneagram - 10/24/19
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Audience: Front line caregivers Content: Personal Growth Many front line caregivers in health care describe their jobs as "callings" or "vocations", or say that what they do is "more than a job". This class explores the unique challenges and opportunities of relating to one's work in this way. How do we continue relate to our work over years and decades? What happens when our "Calling" disappoints us or lets us down? How do we stay connected to our sense of purpose?
Karina DiLuzio
Start: Aug 27, 2019 at 02:00 pm EDT
Self-compassion probably isn't talked about enough these days. Maybe you don't need to be quite so self-critical or take an overly competitive approach. These attitudes can get in the way of reaching your goals! Please join me for a thirty minute webinar about how to cultivate more self-compassion in your life, learn about the benefits of self-compassion and learn how a healthy dose of it can help your emotional and physical wellbeing.
Kate Dusek
Start: Aug 29, 2019 at 02:00 pm EDT
Adopting or continuing healthy habits can help you stay healthy and active as you age. Staying involved in your community, using preventive medicine, and managing health conditions will help you to live a meaningful life. This webinar will cover brain, physical and nutritional health for older adults.
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Joel has been providing spiritual care in various capacities and contexts, including long-term care and pediatric medicine, since 2007. Joel is currently serving as the Manager of Spiritual Care and Pastoral Education for the North Region of Allina Health. He has a Ph.D. in Pastoral Care and Counseling and Master of Divinity with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy . His research focuses on the intersection between spirituality and grief. These experiences have equipped him well as a chaplain. In times of unrest, he seeks to partner with patients and families in order to co-create narratives of strength, hope, and peace.
Abbie has been a staff chaplain at United Hospital and River Falls Area Hospital since 2016. She graduated with her Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2015 and did her clinical chaplaincy training at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. She is currently full-time at United, providing spiritual care to patients, families, and staff on the medical and neuro ICUs and the heart and lung units. Her self-care includes commuting to work in as many creative ways as possible - biking, canoeing, and even one post-snowstorm Nordic ski session.
Crystal has been providing spiritual care to people along the spectrum of life. The majority of her work has been with maternal health, but she���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s also spent time working with patient���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s near the end of life and those going through rehab after a major health event. As she���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s worked with these diverse populations Crystal has noticed the theme of grief and resiliency as she comes alongside people in her role. She is currently serving as a Chaplain at United Hospital in St. Paul with the majority of her work revolving around the Mother Baby Center. She has her Masters of Theological Studies degree with an emphasis in pastoral care and counseling from Bethel Seminary.