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Diane Dunlevy
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Jun 23, 2020 at 01:30 pm EST
The statistics on meditation are overwhelmingly positive. Learn the facts and myths about meditation, different types of meditation and mindfulness and experience a guided meditation.
Diane Dunlevy
Wellness Talks
Recorded: May 19, 2020 at 01:30 pm EST
Want to understand the "how" of happiness? Life circumstances account for only 10% of happiness. Half depends on our genetic "set point," and about 40% of our happiness is influenced by what we do deliberately to make ourselves happy. Participants will learn what works, what doesn't and walk away with practical tools to apply in their life.
Looking for new ways to keep track of the different elements in your life? Bullet journaling has increased in popularity due to its incredible flexibility and the ability to make it truly customized. This can be a creative outlet, a practical method of keeping appointments, or an organized way to approach balance and life goals. Learn about the elements of bullet journaling, recommended supplies, and how to make this fun practice your own.
Diane Dunlevy
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Mar 27, 2018 at 09:30 am EST
If you have tried improving your nutrition, activity or stress, you probably already know that making changes in our lives can be difficult, frustrating and defeating. In this webinar, you will understand why it is easy to get stuck in inertia and some steps to make lasting sustainable changes.
Molly McShane
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Mar 08, 2018 at 01:30 pm EST
Positivity is much more than "Don't worry, be happy." In this webinar, you will understand what it is, why it works and how to apply it in your life.