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Audience: All care-givers Content: Personal Growth A leading cause of stress and burnout is not overworking; rather, it's getting stuck in the problems of other people. Central to Bowen's family systems theory is the concept of differentiation, or the ability of a person to maintain a strong sense of "self" within a system (i.e., family, organization, etc.). A well-differentiated person is able to resist the lure of emotional triangles, which causes systems to mature by influencing others to take responsibility for themselves. In this class, you will have opportunity to develop skills and awareness to be more resilient as a caregiver and leader in your context.
Kate Dusek
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Apr 29, 2020 at 01:00 pm EST
Being the parent of an adolescent can be both a sometimes frustrating, and sometimes joyous task. In this webinar, we explore a few approaches to help parents navigate the journey of turning their teens into adults.