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Poetry can offer support and solace in challenging times. Please join us any time for recorded weekly poetry readings. Since 2017, a group of AllinaHealth employees have been meeting monthly to choose poems to post in several locations around Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Our purpose is to help bring the healing power of poetry to staff, visitors, and patients. Feedback we have received has shown that the poems have provided support to visitors and staff, and that some staff members have found it meaningful to share the poems with their patients. This informal poetry council has also offered poetry readings in the Center for Reflection and Renewal at Abbott Northwestern. As an alternative to the in-person readings during this time of pandemic, we are offering weekly poetry readings via the Learn it Live platform. The readings will be recorded and you can log in to Learn it Live at any time to listen. We hope the poems will provide hope and healing for all who listen.
Learn how to apply acupressure to improve your digestion from Penny George Institute for Health and Healing acupuncturist Pam Weiss-Farnan.
Learn how to apply acupressure to boost your immune system from Penny George Institute for Health and Healing acupuncturist Christine Gendreau.