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Wed Dec 16 at 02:45 pm EST
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This class series is designed for beginners or anyone who is not quite sure what to do with resistance bands or how to strength train in general. You will learn the basics such as; how much resistance to start with, how many repetitions to do and how and when to increase the reps and the weight. Participants will learn safety and technique as well as modifications for each exercise.
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The goals for this series are to get you comfortable with strength training and to build confidence and self esteem. We will walk you through each exercise and help you add to the routine each week with new exercises.
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    Wed Dec 16 at 02:45 pm EST
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    6 Session(s)
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Strengthening with resistance bands - A series for beginners
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 2 at 11:30 am EST
Resistance bands class 2
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 2 at 03:00 pm EST
Resistance bands part 3
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 9 at 02:15 pm EST
Resistance with bands part 4
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 9 at 02:45 pm EST
Resistance bands class 5
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 16 at 12:45 pm EST
Resistance bands part 6
30 Minute Session
Wed Dec 16 at 02:15 pm EST
About Creator
Gail has been with the LiveWell Fitness Center since its inception in 2006. She earned her bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from Gustavus Adolphus College, and a Masters of Physical Therapy degree from St. Catherine University. Gail has 25 years experience in exercise therapy and medical fitness. She enjoys working with a multitude of diverse clients including those recovering from cancer treatment, de-conditioned clients due to inactivity or past illness, those transitioning from clinical therapy to community based exercise, and the generally healthy population.
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