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Mon Nov 2 at 08:15 am EST
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Classes can become overly complicated using all of the latest and greatest exercise equipment. However, the simplicity and effectiveness of resistance bands has created renewed popularity for this equipment, especially as more individuals exercise at home. Bands are very convenient and portable and they can challenge any muscle group or fitness level. Enjoy a 45-minute (stay as long as you can), full body conditioning class that employs resistance bands to sculpt and tone the arms, legs, glutes and core. No muscle will go untouched!
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    Mon Nov 2 at 08:15 am EST
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45 Minute Session
Mon Sep 28 at 07:30 am EST
Session 2
45 Minute Session
Mon Oct 5 at 07:30 am EST
Session 3
45 Minute Session
Mon Oct 12 at 07:30 am EST
Session 4
45 Minute Session
Mon Oct 19 at 07:30 am EST
Session 5
45 Minute Session
Mon Oct 26 at 07:30 am EST
Session 6
45 Minute Session
Mon Nov 2 at 07:30 am EST
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Diane is a guest presenter specializing in group exercise instruction. She has been certified by the ACE organization since 1989, and has an exceptional background which has equipped her to teach a wide variety of formats over the past 30 years. She is a master instructor who has provided classes for a number of popular fitness facilities and for private groups. She enjoys teaching classes such as Cardio Kickboxing, TCX, Barbell Strength, Step, Strike, Kettlebells, Kombine, Zumba and Ringside, to name a few. Diane�s classes are extremely popular as they are known for being fun, engaging and easy-to-follow. She enjoys delivering her classes in a manner that anyone, from beginner to intermediate, can attend together. She takes great joy in helping participants achieve their fitness goals in a manner that is enjoyable and rewarding.
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